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In case anyone is interested in having someone else join the dots for them, this is how I named & explained the clans.

Alldarks, Broadswings, Cattanachs, Dreadspokers, Entwhittlers & Fieboulders.

ALLDARKS – live in dank, substandard caves because the broadswings drove them out 2 000 years ago. Broadswings claim they wouldn’t have had to if they hadn’t lost their ancestral halls when the alldarks failed to honour the treaty of Bleakhammer. Also see Cattanach entry.

BROADSWINGS- see above. Also have a grudge against the Dreadspokers for being allies of the Alldarks & demanding weregild under law when by law they should have been helping the Broadswings enforce the treaty of Bleakhammer.

CATTANACHS- The Cattanach claim the alldarks fouled the river Cattan’s underground source when they found their new halls & began smelting there. The Alldarks say the Cattanach are whining babies & if they were dwarf enough to delve deeper they’d see it was the trollnest they allow to fester below their own tunnels that fouls their waters.

The Cattanachs also hate the Entwhittlers. The cattanachs gained that Throne of Kings when the Entwhittlers missed their chance & claim the Entwhittlers have been jealously sulking ever since & never given them their proper due.

The Entwhittlers in turn find it grating that the pathetic Cattanachs are so proud of their kingship when everyone knows they only have the throne by default because the far mightier Entwhittlers & Fieboulders got in each others road. How dare the Cattanachs behave so high & mighty when all they had is the luck of fools.

DREADSPOKERS- see also Fieboulder entry.

Dreadspokers lost much of their slavetrade when the Broadswings drove out the Alldarks & claim they are still owed weregild by the Broadswings.

ENTWHITTLER- When the Throne of Kings sat empty a dozen centuries ago the Entwhittlers and Fieboulders both made plays for the kingship and both ended up ruining each others’ chances. Now every time the fortunes of the Entwhittler clan goes pear-shaped they all remind themselves that they’d be living the easy life if those jerks the Fieboulders hadn’t interfered, and vice versa.

Also see Cattanach entry.

FIEBOULDERS- see above.

Also, Fieboulders hate Dreadspokers since they stole the mines of kunmar 300 years ago & then lost them like the weaklings they are.

Dreadspokers maintain that the Fieboulders tricked them by giving them a set of ruined, infested, trapped mines as settlement for a debt & they abandoned them in disgust & await proper payment.

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