Core shit

Personality: enforced. heavy carrot, light stick
*DM discretion on OOC
*XP rewards/penalties
*If DM feels is OOC, will challenge, never just keep silent while PC digs himself a hole.
*Player may justify his actions. xp bonus for really really clever shit
*Reserve the right to inform you of reward-worthy in character or not (till the end tallies, obviously)

In fact, XP bonus for really clever shit in any aspect (no, not munchkining)

remember black hobbit political interpretation. This is awesome

party decides on good/evil alignment. opposite g/e alignment disallowed. If party is neutral, what have they banded together to do? Trade Caravan? joint economic venture? political liason, Mercenary party? In fact, all parties need to decide on something like this

good/evil. selfish/selfless. self/other (with g/e determining what that means. does this only sound good cause im high?)

I want to see players explain how they know/relate to each other.

plot hook design, auxiliary

card-based plot hook design? Choose? I assign, maybe randomly?

1 extra trained skill
1 avocation (half trained bonus, round up. counts as untrained for crit fails)

Retrain mechanically easy, but be ready to roleplay your ass off

reward player initiative, bold & unusual plans

Notepad: Random Campaign Thoughts